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The core of this collection of wise teachings, prudent instructions, disciplined insight and skilled writings are succinct, witty and pungent reflections on business, society, and life; they fit well with the origins of such collections of wise riddles, advice given to those who strive to achieve Greatness. The vast majority of these teachings show no particular connection with religion or faith, being purely a matter of deep sound good common sense.

These teachings and sayings reflect a sharp, competitive, cynical, secular society, where compassion too has a place. The teachings herein are an invitation to acquire wisdom, knowledge, understanding, disciplined insight and faith. Seek them as you would a buried treasure and you will inherit the art of success and be well on your way in becoming an “Enlightened Investor.”

Purchase a book today of each employee in your office and your organization can share in the path to the “Enlightened Journey.”

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